Getting out of town

I'm headed out of town into New Mexico to camp for Memorial Day weekend, and I thought I'd share some quick snapshots to get everyone in the mood. Went down to Sonoita, Arizona last weekend and spent a little time working on the truck that Sunday evening.

As it stands (or rather sits), the fuel pump is out and I have a replacement ready to install. New bits of fuel line to replace a cracked segment will also go in. Radiator hoses are on the way and will be swapped in as well.

I'm trying to take my time and only replace the bits that really need it, instead of overspending to overhaul components which are still in good shape.

I did make one impulse buy and snagged a beautifully machined fuel filler cap from IH Parts America. I'll need to modify the driver side filler neck to get it to fit, but it should be well worth it. More on that soon.

For now, enjoy your weekend. Go make some progress on a project of your own, or get out of town and spend time doing something you love.

Stay tuned.

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