This is the first post in a new series of posts I'm calling Lessons Learned. Don't make the same mistakes I do. Yesterday I had the truck towed home, a new International towing an old one, pretty neat! Shout out to Downtown Auto and Towing here in Tucson. Pricing was excellent, almost as cheap as renting a UHAUL and towing it myself but without the inevitable struggle. Scheduling a tow is a luxury, but they arrived on time, and loaded the truck in minutes. Give them your business.

But, on to the mistakes!

I wasted some time today trying to go to the DMV to get my title officially transferred. I did a bit of research about titles and registration and emissions and all that before buying this truck, but theres some basic logistics I just couldn't sort out. Keep in mind, this information may only be relevant in Arizona, and your state's rules might differ.

Here's 3 Quick Tips For Registering an Older Car

This could have saved me an hour at the DMV

Number 1

IF: You just bought an older vehicle and received a transfer title

THEN: You have 15 days to get an officially updated title from the DMV for $8 plus a $4 a month fee for every month after that 15 days that you wait.

SO WHAT?: I didn't see that $4 a month number anywhere online. All the websites I saw just mentioned "additional fees", which made this process sound expensive and urgent. So, you're welcome.

Number 2

IF: Your car isn't running

THEN: You won't be able to get an officially updated title until the car is either towed or driven to the DMV.

WHY: Apparently someone needs to inspect the vehicle to be sure it's the same make and model as what is listed on your title. I didn't get this far at the DMV today, but I'm assuming they will also make sure you have mirrors, lights, and whatever other minimum required safety equipment you need to have a street legal vehicle.

Number 3

IF: You need to register your vehicle

THEN: It'll need to pass emissions first

BUT: It'll need to be registered (and therefore inspected) before you can drive it to an emissions facility. What I found out is there's a loophole. You can apply for a temporary permit. In Arizona these come in 3 day, 30 day and 90 day varieties if I'm not mistaken. They allow restricted use of a vehicle before it has been officially emissions tested and annually registered. I think this process can be completed online, but I'll keep you posted.

I'm sure there'll be more of these posts to come.

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