I've never even changed my own oil. Never had to swap on a spare tire. Hell, I've only had to jump a car practically one time. So, yeah I'm in a little over my head.

After casually playing with the idea of taking on a project car for the last couple years, I finally took one of the first steps. I think I've found the money pit I'll be dropping endless hours and dollars into, and made an offer on it. That sound you hear is the silence of those dollars and hours not finding the bottom of the pit.

Holy hell am I excited.

I'm not the first to be bitten by this particular bug, but I've developed a soft spot for the trucks built by the International Harvester Company, between the 60's and 80's. First I fell in love with Scout IIs, then Scout 80s and 800s, but I've settled on something a little different. IHC made a line of trucks from 1971-1973, maybe 20,000 or so 1210 models in total. Fewer than 6000 of those were 4x4 models, and fewer still had the big 392 cubic inch V8 powering them.

This one does, and it sure seems mint. Assuming the seller is ready to let it go in the near future, I'll be populating this blog with photos, my struggles and documentation of my progress in getting this 44 year old truck running again.

Sure, starting a blog is a bit of an undertaking in and of itself, but I'm hoping anyone who winds up following along will provide some additional motivation to keep moving this project along.

I was at a Graphic Design conference  last October and heard this short talk from this guy Sam Potts about his 5 Point Plan to Doing Projects. It was meant to be a short "tasting-menu" talk to introduce his longer talk, but it was some of the best time spent at the whole conference.

Check it out below.

Mr. Potts, if you're listening, I'm building an airplane.



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